Book: College Libraries and Student Culture

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College Libraries and Student Culture: What We Now Know.

Edited by: Lynda M. Duke and Andrew D. Asher

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries: The ERIAL Project

Andrew D. Asher, Susan Miller, and David Green

Chapter Two: Pragmatism and Idealism in the Academic Library: An Analysis of Faculty and Librarian Expectations and Values

Mary Thill

Chapter Three: Marketing the Library’s Instructional Services to Teaching Faculty: Learning from Teaching Faculty Interviews

Annie Armstrong

Chapter Four: Why Don’t Students Ask Librarians for Help? Help-seeking Behavior in Academic Libraries

Susan Miller and Nancy Murillo

Chapter Five: Searching for Answers: Student Research Behavior at Illinois Wesleyan University

Andrew D. Asher and Lynda M. Duke

Chapter Six: Supporting the Academic Success of Hispanic Students

David Green

Chapter Seven: First-generation College Students: a Sketch of Their Research Process

Firouzeh Logan and Elizabeth Pickard

Chapter Eight: Seeing Ourselves As Others See Us: Library Spaces through Student Eyes

Jane Treadwell, Amanda Binder, and Natalie Tagge

Chapter Nine: Transformative Changes in Thinking, Services and Programs

Lynda M. Duke

Chapter Ten: Conclusion

Andrew D. Asher and Lynda M. Duke