Research Teams

Northeastern Illinois University – Grant Awardee

Dave Green – Project Manager
Lisa Wallis – Principal Investigator
Henry Owen
Jill Althage
Mary Thill
Nancy Murillo


Paula Dempsey – Principal Investigator
Beth Ruane
Elisa Addlesperger
Heather Jagman
Margaret Power (1st yr)
Missy Roser
Terry Taylor

Illinois Wesleyan University

Lynda Duke – Principal Investigator
Monica Moore (2nd yr)
Sue Stroyan
Suzanne Wilson
Lauren Dodge (1st yr)

University of Illinois at Chicago

Beth Pickard – Co-Principal Investigator
Fifi Logan – Co-Principal Investigator
Annie Armstrong
LaVerne Gray (1st yr)
Lise McKean
Steve Brantley

University of Illinois at Springfield

Jane Treadwell – Principal Investigator
Alysia Peich (1st yr)
Amanda Binder (2nd yr)
Natalie Tagge (2nd yr)