ERIAL featured in USA Today and Inside Higher Ed

The ERIAL project recently received national press on the study’s soon-to-be-published findings.

“What Students Don’t Know” – Inside Higher Ed
“Study: College students rarely use librarians’ expertise” – USA Today

The findings have struck a chord among educators, librarians, and bloggers and have been picked up by several other prominent media outlets including Boing Boing and Mashable.

ARCL Presentations Now Available

Copies of the ERIAL Project’s presentations at ACRL 2011 are now available on the presentations page. .

Dave Green and Mary Thill Featured in Inside Higher Ed

Following their presentation at ACRL 2011, Dave Green (ERIAL Project Manager) and Mary Thill (NEIU) were featured in an article for Inside Higher Ed.

“Missing from the Stacks”

The article discusses  ERIAL’s research findings relating to Hispanic students at Northeastern Illinois University . .