Dave Green to present ERIAL findings at ACRL 2013

ERIAL Project Coordinator Dave Green will be presenting an Invited Paper session titled “The ERIAL Project: Findings, Ideas and Tools to Advance Your Library” at this year’s ACRL conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Dave’s presentation will provide background on the ERIAL project, its challenges, and those findings which are relevant to all academic libraries.  He will highlight the strategic advantages of doing even a small ethnographic study in your library and why the process can sometimes be more valuable to a library organization than the findings.  Finally, Dave will briefly review the step-by-step guide developed by the ERIAL anthropologists to help you do your own project.

For a full description of ACRL 2013’s Invited Paper sessions including Dave’s, please visit this page

ERIAL book “College Libraries and Student Culture” receiving positive reviews

Here’s what a few reviewers have had to say about the the ERIAL Project book College Libraries and Student Culture:

“A well-organized and insightful work that reveals how academic libraries are viewed and utilized … Those interested in keeping pace with the rapidly evolving world of academic libraries will find numerous points of interest to contemplate in these pages.” 

“Engaging … While readers might be drawn initially to the salient findings described in chapters two through nine, a more lasting effect of this book is perhaps its impact on librarians’ interest in conducting ethnographic studies at their own institutions … Readers will benefit from an extensive bibliography, including a number of studies initiated to understand and improve student researchers’ experiences in their college libraries.”

“While this book explores some exciting ideas in academic library services, I especially enjoyed the quotes from the students and faculty interviews that many chapter contributors shared. This thought-provoking book will be of interest to anyone concerned with the future of libraries.”
–Information Today

The book is currently available from ALA editions in both print and electronic formats.

ERIAL-related research at UIC and IWU highlighted in Inside Higher Ed

IHE has recently highlighted ongoing ERIAL-related research taking place at University of Illinois-Chicago and Illinois Wesleyan University.

The UIC study focuses on the development of information literacy skills throughout students’ college careers, while the IWU/Bucknell University study focuses specifically on evaluating library discover tools from the student’s perspective.