ERIAL book “College Libraries and Student Culture” receiving positive reviews

Here’s what a few reviewers have had to say about the the ERIAL Project book College Libraries and Student Culture:

“A well-organized and insightful work that reveals how academic libraries are viewed and utilized … Those interested in keeping pace with the rapidly evolving world of academic libraries will find numerous points of interest to contemplate in these pages.” 

“Engaging … While readers might be drawn initially to the salient findings described in chapters two through nine, a more lasting effect of this book is perhaps its impact on librarians’ interest in conducting ethnographic studies at their own institutions … Readers will benefit from an extensive bibliography, including a number of studies initiated to understand and improve student researchers’ experiences in their college libraries.”

“While this book explores some exciting ideas in academic library services, I especially enjoyed the quotes from the students and faculty interviews that many chapter contributors shared. This thought-provoking book will be of interest to anyone concerned with the future of libraries.”
–Information Today

The book is currently available from ALA editions in both print and electronic formats.